How do I restore my tablet to factory settings?

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Here is the step by step process to do a hard reset to the tablet.

Power off the tablet completely. Then power back on the tablet, while the tablet is powering back up hold down the FN/function button on your keyboard while repeatedly pushing the F9 button on the keyboard until you see “Please wait” appear. Release the FN/function button. wait a couple of moments then, select the “Troubleshoot” option then “Reset Your PC”. You will then have two options, removing files or fully cleaning the drive (this will remove your personal files and apps from the tablet and restore all settings to their defaults). The RCA logo will then appear on the screen and “dots” circling. This process may take about 30min-1hr (depending on the amount of files/data/configuration/system setup) as the device is deleting, partitioning, and resetting to the factory settings. It is normal for the tablet to power off and on a few times during this process, please do not interrupt. Once the process is done, the device will go back to factory settings and you can then personalize your tablet.

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